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Is your digital strategy ready for the Christmas rush?

Whether you are running an entirely online business or have a simple online presence, fine-tuning your digital strategy for the Christmas rush can save on stress and drastically improve sales over the holiday period. Here are our top tips for fine-tuning your digital strategy for Christmas.… Read More

Website maintenance

Just like a car, a well running website needs to have some maintenance every now and then to keep things running smoothly. There are many things you can do to keep your website working hard and achieving results for you but here are some that are key:… Read More

5 ways your website can help your business be more efficient

These days it is widely understood that a web presence of some sort is a ‘must have’ for every business. Despite this positive change, there is still a recurring idea that the company website is simply a digital advert or brochure online, providing the same function as a static advert or street sign would, only to a wider audience. This is certainly important and definitely a key objective, but what is so great about the web as a medium is the power and flexibility to build tools that replace or improve on other aspects of a business and how it works. … Read More