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10 best practice Email Marketing tips

Email marketing is a powerful and effective digital marketing tool. It has become a very popular method of communicating with customers and potential customers thanks to the fact that it’s measurable, very targeted and at the same time is also a very cost effective way to market to and communicate with your target markets (especially when compared to traditional marketing mediums such as print, radio and television).… Read More

Check out our new toy!

We are pleased to announce the latest member of 96black team- namely our new, matte black Kia Rio! With slick, stylish design, our new toy is part of our strategy to build brand awareness and we are planning on taking it to all our business meetings to get exposure across Auckland.… Read More

PPC Google Advertising in a nutshell

There aren’t many options for advertising where you are the one to set the rules. With Google Ads you decide at what times your ads will show, how much you want to pay for particular keywords that will trigger your ads and where your ads will be shown. If you are interested in putting your brand in front of customers at the late stage of their decision making process and you want to be able to measure the results of your campaign on the same day — PPC has it all!… Read More