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Digital Marketing

Metadata know-how

The way to un-geek-i-fy the meta data is to simply describe it as a summary of the website and a condensed description of your pages that allows search engines and potential visitors to quickly understand your website content… Read More

Google Analytics features to consider using

Google Analytics, free and easy to install software, provides you with a great amount of data that allows you to understand your target audience and interact with them in the most efficient way. The power of statistics simply can’t be underestimated… Read More

Writing Tips and Tools

Writing effective web content is really difficult. If you’re reading this it’s possible you’ve been handed a website’s worth of content to write and are desperately looking for help… Read More

Is your digital strategy ready for the Christmas rush?

Whether you are running an entirely online business or have a simple online presence, fine-tuning your digital strategy for the Christmas rush can save on stress and drastically improve sales over the holiday period. Here are our top tips for fine-tuning your digital strategy for Christmas.… Read More