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Brush up, fertilise and plant!

All of the latest research shows that customers are very digital savvy and every year the number of customers using the internet to research products and services grows. Recent Google research showed that 38% of U.S. customers daily media interactions are on smartphones. In order to keep up with your customers you need to constantly improve your online presence and digital marketing to attract, understand and help them reach their goals. Online marketing is the new way of communicating with your audience but, like all marketing channels, it requires your attention and time. Digital communications are cost effective and measurable. The Internet is a very powerful tool and it’s important to make sure that you’re using it in the correct way as it can help grow your business but it can also harm it at the same time. In this post we will focus on some ways to groom your digital marketing this spring to make it as effective as possible. As with all other parts of your business, your online presence has to be regularly controlled and optimised. We have choosen this topic as September is not only the start of spring but is also a great time for many to get ready for the most busy time of the year – the pre-Christmas peak.

The first step for each business should be to define which digital channels play the most important role in your digital marketing mix. If your online marketing has been neglected for some time make sure that you start working on the most important channels first and steadily move on to the less important ones. However, it’s crucial to make sure that you utilise as many of them as possible because they all contribute to the big picture.

Here are our recommendations on how to get the most out of your spring cleaning!

1) Brush up your website

Content is one of the most important parts of your website, this is what all search engines are ranking you on and it helps your visitors quickly and easily find what they are looking for or attract them to your products/services. Remember that it should be concise, relevant and unique to get best effect. Furthermore, content updates are crucial to how your brand/business is perceived and at the same time helps you build your SEO. To quickly and effectively boost your website and therefore your online presence, run a quick key word search and update your content with the most relevant words and phrases (this is called keyword rich content). Imagery and banner changes could also be a nice touch. Remember that all of the images on your website should have relevant descriptions (alt tags) as they are a part of your website content and indexed by search engines. The other very important aspect of your website is the visibility and usability across different devices. If your website isn’t rendering properly on smart phones you might be turning away many customers as per the Google research mentioned above. To learn more about responsive design read our previous post on it.

2) Fertilise your email campaign

When did you last refresh your email marketing template? Make it happen this spring so that your emails don’t go straight to the trash folder – your customers will again be getting increased amounts of email this year. It will help you if you make your EDM’s (Electronic Direct Mail) relevant and attractive. Create a plan and line up good offers to make sure you maintain your competitive edge this Christmas. You need to make sure your creative agency/team will have all the necessary information in time so your emails can be created and sent at the best possible times. If you want to dig more into email marketing, take a look at our excellent email marketing guide.

3) Plant your brand online

Now is a great time to sow some seeds and get your adverts blooming on the internet. If you are already using online advertising, check up on your ads and targeting, and consider increasing your budget so you get more coverage in the coming months. It will get your campaign tested so that it is fully optimized before the pre-Christmas rush. You could also try to find new undiscovered channels which will help increase your reach. Or you could try new techniques on existing channels to increase your advertising spend efficiency.

These spring actions are calling you! Christmas is closing in – go ahead, use our tips and kick off your preparations for busy times and great results.

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