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Google Analytics features to consider using

Knowledge is power

Google Analytics, free and easy to install software, provides you with a great amount of data that allows you to understand your target audience and interact with them in the most efficient way. The power of statistics simply can’t be underestimated. The more you know about your website’s traffic, the more you will be able to achieve.

All websites developed by 96black come with Google Analytics installed prior to launch. It allows our customers to collect data from day one and even if it’s not being utilised straight away it gives our clients access to historical data.

Although the Google Analytics interface is very intuitive and easy to use it requires some time and effort to set up. You need to make sure it adds value to your business and doesn’t waste your time and resources.

Google Analytics features allow you to automate a lot of processes. You need to choose the most suitable features that will help you better understand, monitor and enhance your business. Features discussed in this blog post are ones you should consider as a good starting point.

Customised Reports

Setting up personalised dashboards and email reports will allow you to receive selected data straight into your inbox. This functionality could replace your monthly reports for the Finance department. When setting up reports you are able to choose the format, so you can receive raw stats in an excel spreadsheet or a visual version in .pdf.

By creating dashboards for specific areas/measures you can easily monitor different parts of your business. Both dashboards and reports can be easily deleted if you no longer need access to specific statistics.

To set up go to: Dashboard -> Email


Google analytics alerts keeps you informed on the significant changes. For example, when traffic to your website drops by 20% or the bounce rate increases unexpectedly. The email alerts keep you posted without the need to regularly check your Google Analytics account.

To set up go to: Admin -> Custom Alerts


Google Analytics allows you to track almost any action your visitors perform on the website. By setting up goals you can track conversions and therefore understand where the majority of your business is coming from. My recommendation would be to start with setting up one, the most important conversion and focus on optimising it. Once you are happy with its performance try introducing more advanced goals that will help you understand your customer behaviour patterns.

To set up go to: Admin -> Goals

Removing your tracks

Data collected by Google includes all visitors. That means each time your team members work on the website or simply visit it they can create a considerable amount of traffic that should be excluded from your analysis. In order to get a clear insight on your website statistics it’s highly recommended to exclude all of the internal traffic. In order to do so you will need to set up filters that exclude your IP addresses.

To set up go to: Admin -> Filters

Make it happen

If all of the above sounds like a lot of work, consider that once those features are put in place it will be a great time saver for you.

Get the grip on your statistics and start improving your online communications and processes now. If you encounter any problems or would like advice on more advanced features, get in touch with us.

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