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Is your digital strategy ready for the Christmas rush?

Whether you are running an entirely online business or have a simple online presence, fine-tuning your digital strategy for the Christmas rush can save on stress and drastically improve sales over the holiday period. Here are our top tips for fine-tuning your digital strategy for Christmas.

Plan early

Christmas is a stressful time for everyone so don’t leave everything until the last minute. Plan early and ensure that you have plenty of time to put the basics in place and get them right.

Christmas content strategy

Have a clear strategy for all your Christmas marketing collateral and ensure everything is unified and clear. Be creative as well, a bit of unique and clever content marketing can get those visitors, boost conversions and ultimately get the sales you need.

Go mobile

In New Zealand, smartphone ownership is already over 32 percent and tablets over 7 percent, with both growing quickly. Particularly over the break, people won’t be at their offices and desks too much so the chance of them hitting your site on their mobile increases. Not to mention all those new mobiles and tablets being given as Christmas presents this year!
Give your website a Christmas present this year and go mobile, or join the “responsive revolution“.

Analyse, update and improve

Take the time to look at your visitor statistics (Google Analytics usually) and try to ascertain where the most valuable areas are that you can update.
Can you promote specific products to your home page that are already popular, or might be over the Christmas period? Or maybe there’s a high bounce rate on your home page indicating a problem with your messaging or site performance.
Your visitor statistics are powerful tools to help you understand what your visitors are doing and where both problems and opportunities may lie.

Analyse your search engine rankings

Imagine you have the #1 Christmas toy for kids this Christmas in stock but nobody can find your website to know that you have it! Analysing your search engine rankings well before the Christmas break can give you insight into any potential problems or areas you can work on to improve your search engine rankings in time for the break.

Improve performance

Everyone is fighting for your customer’s attention during this period and everyone has less and less time to spend on waiting for sites that load slowly.
Use your browsers built in developer tools or others like Yahoo! YSlow to evaluate your websites loading performance and check your hosting servers are capable of handling any potential extra load over the break.

Have a contingency plan

Particularly if the majority of your business is done online, have a contingency plan that not only covers potential mishaps that might occur but also caters for a sudden change in strategy. Bad weather or other disasters may hinder your ability to deliver goods over the break period, or a sudden load on your web server may cause it all to come crashing down. Being able to act quickly and being prepared for an event such as this may be the difference in having a profitable Christmas period and not.

Don’t just stop at the basics

This year it’s time to try something you haven’t done before. Maybe you update your website with a nice Christmassy feel but you’ve never emailed your clients so that they know about it. Or maybe you regularly email your clients but with special offers and deals but you’ve never been overly creative about it. Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone a little bit and wow your customers with your creative prowess and merry season spirit.

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