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How to Christmas-ify your Mac Desktop

It’s the end of November, and is now socially acceptable to put the tree up and listen to Christmas music (though I have been doing this for weeks already)!

Here are some resources to make your Desktop Rockin’! (…around the Christmas tree).

Desktop wallpaper resources:

The best part, how to customise your desktop icons!

Here are a bunch of ICNS files ready for you to use for whatever you want!
Download zip file of Christmas ICNS icons

How to replace your icons

  • Go to your application in finder that you want to change the icon of
  • Right click (control + click) and select “show package contents”
  • Go into Contents > Resources
  • Find your current app icon and rename it to something (so you don’t lose it)
  • Put your Christmas icon in there with the same name as the original icon
  • DONE!

See my snazy dock below…

When you want to put your original back, just remove the Christmas one and give the original the correct name again.

Note: don’t do this for Skype. I have tried about 3 times and each time it breaks the application.

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