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Volunteering on Motutapu Island

This is 96black’s third Christmas and following in the footsteps of previous years we won’t be handing out ‘corporate gifts’ but will instead be investing that money – and more – to help out a worthwhile cause.

In our first year of business we gave to the Pike River Disaster Relief Trust and last year we gave our time to the Auckland City Mission. This year we had the pleasure to volunteer for The Motutapu Restoration Trust - one of New Zealand’s largest ecological restoration endeavours.

Our team spent a day on the beautiful Motutapu Island, helping with collecting seeds, planting and weeding. Our day to day skills of creative thinking, strategy, and development were perhaps not directly transferable but we managed to get a lot done and had great fun!

We would like to thank all of our clients for giving us the opportunity to take part in restoring the natural landscapes of this beautiful island!


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