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Pros and cons of the most popular social media platforms

Social media platforms have become a big part of our day-to-day life. The ability to instantly share news and opinions with other people is nowadays not only building the status and trustworthiness of companies and individuals but also allows information to be spread very quickly across the world.  It was Twitter messages that broke the news about the Hudson river emergency plane landing. In 2011 the Ford Explorer was unveiled on Facebook. Another good example of the importance of social media to organisations and businesses can be the fact that Lady Gaga (yes she is a business!) used Twitter to reveal her new album title – ARTPOP.

Social media activity is also becoming more connected with natural search engines results, therefore businesses should be incorporating social media in their marketing plans. The biggest challenge for each organisation is to choose the correct social media platform and not only come up with the right strategy plan but also put it into practice. It’s crucial for each marketer to do a full analysis on which platform will help achieve the desired outcomes and will bring the highest return on investment.

Below we have listed some of the pros and cons of the six biggest social media platforms today to help you understand what can they do for your business. Our expert advice would be to choose one or two to start with and evaluate the return on investment after 6 months in action. Bear in mind that a common mistake of marketers is to assume social media will provide instant returns. This is not the case so be patient and don’t give up too soon. Execution of social media strategy take time and effort to get right. If you require help with social media strategy creation and implementation don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

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+ most commonly used around the world (except in China Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh)
+ messages are easy to share between users
+ fans gets updates
+/- paid ads and posts
- less organic visibility
- not ideal for B2B


+ instant messages which give you connection with customers immediately
+ keeping abreast with trends and competitors
+ great customer feedback tool
- resource and time heavy to monitor and follow large numbers of tweets
- negative feedback is hard to control


+ rapidly growing
+ users self-identify with certain interests, niches, and communities
+ great tool for link building
+/- mostly used by females
+/- used by early adopters


+ easy way to demonstrate products and service usability
+ good for templated support
+ modern way to entertain and connect with target audience
- high cost of creating professional videos


+ boosts SEO
+ ability to show the personal side of the business
+ displays thought leadership and expertise
- resource and time heavy
- can require all team members contribute content


+ targeted messages for different circles
+ ability to directly interact with followers
+ visibility of recent posts in Google search when someone searches for your brand
+ video functionality e.g. webinars
+ account is linked to other Google services such as Places or Maps
- not as popular as other platforms
- uncertainty if Google+ will become a commonly used platform

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